Course Rules

We encourage all members to review the course rules! Please see below:

Golf Rules and Regulations

Tee times are required and be made 7 days in advance.

  • Members showing up to play without a tee time will be accommodated based on availability of times that have not been previously scheduled

All Members, with & without tee times, both walkers & cart riders, MUST sign in at the Pro Shop & may NOT tee off without registration. 

All play will begin on the 1st tee, unless approved by the Head Golf Professional or his designee.

  • Play will proceed in the order of holes
  • Skipping holes is prohibited

To keep our course in top condition, all players MUST repair ball marks, rake bunkers, fill divots, and dispose of trash in the proper receptacles.

All players must have their own set of clubs and bag.

Foursomes and Fivesomes have priority.

  • Groups of less than four may experience delays & should not expect to be allowed to play through.
  • Groups of more than five will not be allowed

If golfers stop for lunch at the end of 9 holes, they will lose their turn.

  • Golfers who lose their turn will be accommodated based on play of the other golfers
  • The Head Golf Professional will determine order of play.

All players should abide by commonly accepted golf etiquette

  • See section 1 of the USGA Rules of Golf; Etiquette, Behavior on the Course

Guest Policies

Member’s guests are required to register at the Pro Shop PRIOR to play. Guests should be introduced and identified by name to the Pro Shop personnel.

An unaccompanied guest may not play without the Member’s request to the Head Golf Professional & requires permission from the Head Golf Professional

Guests may play a maximum of 12 times per year, regardless of permanent residence.

  • This includes all club-sanctioned events, except for the Member-Guest & Heart of Dixie Tournaments
  • This does NOT include corporate outings

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests & should ensure that they are educated on the scope & intent of the SCC Golf Rules & Regulations.

Immediate family members or members spouse may play as guests with a special reduced fee.

  • Immediate family members are defined as: Parents & Parents in Law of the Member; Brothers/Sisters & Brothers/Sisters in Law of the Member; Siblings of the Member; Member dependents who have reached 24 years of age or older
  • Member’s grandchildren under age 22 may play without charge

Dress Code

All Members & their guests are expected to dress in appropriate golf attire while playing or practicing.

  • This applies to the practice range, putting & chipping greens, in addition to the course.

Men must wear collared or mock-necked shirts & appropriate slacks or shorts.

  • No denim or cargo slacks or shorts
  • Shorts must be within 3 inches of the upper margin of the knee
  • Shirts must be tucked, unless the shirt is made to be worn out (Hawaiian or Aloha type shirts)
  • Tank tops, casual t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, bathing suits, & athletic jerseys are prohibited

Women must wear proper golf attire which consists of shirts or sweaters, dresses, pants or shorts, sleeveless shirts with a collar, or collarless shirts with sleeves.

  • No denim or cargo pants or shorts
  • Shorts must be within 5 inches of the upper margin of the knee cap
  • Shirts must be tucked unless the shirt is made to be worn out
  • Tank tops, casual t-shirts, tennis attire, athletic jerseys, or bathing suits are prohibited.

Hats must be worn with the bill or logo, if applicable, facing the front at all times.

Determination of appropriate golf attire shall be at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional if questions arise.

Only soft spiked, spike-less golf shoes or appropriate smooth soled athletic shoes are allowed at SCC. METAL SPIKES ARE PROHIBITED.

Golf Cart Regulations

Cart drivers MUST have a valid driver’s license to rent a Club cart or to drive a privately-owned golf cart on SCC property.

  • No more than 2 persons are allowed on a cart unless the card is constructed for additional riders each of which MUST have a seat.
  • No private carts are allowed on the course for play
  • Members may drive their personal carts to & from the Clubhouse from their private residence. However, they should not drive on the fairways or rough areas except to get from their residence to a cart path
  • Personal carts MUST be parked in the designated area.
  • All private carts will have on file a certificate of insurance that coverage is in effect when the cart is on club property.
  • Only one private cart per family is allowed.

The Golf Course Superintendent will make decisions regarding cart path regulations.

  • The Head Golf Professional will be informed & will post the regulations in the Pro Shop & on the 1st & 10th tees.
  • All 3 par holes are cart path only.

During times when motorized golf carts are permitted on the course, carts should enter & exit through the marked areas & at no time should be within 25 yards of the greens.

  • Carts should remain on the cart paths at the teeing areas & adjacent to the greens
  • Carts should remain on the fairways & avoid the rough except at the marked entrance & exit areas
  • At no time should carts be driven around or behind the greens
  • The 90-degree rule should be observed whenever possible

The use of individual manual or powered walking carts is permitted.

  • These carts are not allowed on the teeing grounds, greens, fringes of the greens, or between a bunker and the green
  • These carts should avoid “ground under repair” or excessively wet areas

All Members should politely remind other golfers of violations of cart regulations and/or other etiquette breaches by any Member or guest.

  • Violations should be reported to the Head Golf Professional or Course Superintendent
  • Golf or greens staff are also authorized to offer reminders regarding cart policies when violations are observed
  • Members should comply with any reminder and not reprimand or berate either staff or Members in this regard.

Handicap Rules

The USGA Handicap Manual will govern all tournaments or Club sanctioned events.

  • Members who desire a handicap MUST turn in score cards to the Pro Shop to be posted. This should be done as soon as possible upon conclusion of the round.
  • The absence of a valid handicap WILL result in disqualification from participating in Club tournaments or sanctioned events

“Two basic premises underlie the USGA Handicap System, namely that each player will try to make the best score at every hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that player will post every acceptable round for peer review. The players and the player’s Handicap Committee have a joint responsibility to adhering to these premises.” ~ USGA Handicap Manual

General Rules

Intentional damage to any part of the course of golf carts is a serious matter and will be delt with appropriately by the Board of Directors.

  • Any injuries or accidents should be reported to the Head Golf Professional immediately
  • Recreational use for jogging, walking, or bicycling on the course is not allowed during golfing hours
  • Music may be played with the consent of all Members of the group, provided any sound remains within the immediate proximity of the players
  • Fishing from the bank when the course is open for play is only allowed from the boat launch area to the end of the point behind the #10 green and is not allowed on any other golf holes when the course is open for play
  • Disregard of intentional violation of the SCC Rules will be reported to the Board of Directors, who will make recommendations for corrective action.
Course Rules